Video Comments from Teen Court Jurors



Written Comments from Teen Court Jurors


"Teen Court has impacted my life tremendously to a point where I am more interested in the law and in the courtroom. So therefore, this is a very special opportunity they have given me" -Peer Juror


"Teen Court gives youth a second chance and an opportunity for greatness. It provides a hope to those who have made poor choices and looking for a second chance at a well-rounded life. It is meaningful to participate because it makes me feel great to help others. We all make mistakes and we all deserve a chance. Teen Court provides this to all who seek forgiveness" -Peer Juror


"Teen Court is a great program. It helps change kids lives that have come here. It has also changed me. I have learned not to judge anyone. I also know to stay out of trouble and that there is a second chance for most people. " -Peer Juror


"My favorite part about the Teen Court program is seeing the graduation. I love to see the improvements that each of the kids has made in their lives. The sentences really do change lives for the better."-Peer Juror


"I love Teen Court. It think it is beneficial to not only the offenders, but for jurors as well. Offenders are given a chance to start over and learn from their mistakes. Jurors are able to help others restore the damage and become a more beneficial member of society. My favorite part is seeing graduations. You see people grow and learn and move on to a better, more successful future. Teen Court is worth every minute I put in. " -Peer Juror


"My favorite part of the program is being able to see the changes in people before and after they carry out their sentences. It really shows people can change is they try and really work to be a better person. Seeing the defendant give their side of the story on the stand allows us to see the real emotions as they recount the story of what happened. " -Peer Juror


"In the beginning today (I 1-12-16) there was one graduate in particular who seemed like he truly had a positive experience. Many people were praising him, his writing ability, and how he changed his life around. It seem that this program really helped as he provided positive feedback for the kids. It's nice to see a program that works and helps kids come back from their mistakes." -Peer Juror