Comments/Feedback from Program Graduates and Parents:

From Parent - Good afternoon, I would like to show my gratitude to Teen Court for helping me and my son out in our time of need.  My son had gotten into some trouble at school and had to go to court and Teen court picked up the case so to speak.   It was a great experience for both of us.   The calls were not very long and the punishment was not too extensive and the time frame that it needed to be done was pretty lengthy.  I was extremely pleased with knowing that as long as he completes everything that needed to be done within the time frame and gets in no more trouble, the charge will not go on his record.   Overall, I think Teen Court is a GREAT thing in place to help troubled teens try to stay out of the system.   My Teen court representative Garen was also, very informative and helpful with everything and the whole process.   So I would like to Thank Garen and Teen court for ALL their help and such a good experience.  


From Program Graduate - Teen Court was a humbling yet beneficial experience given the circumstances of why I was on the other side of the peer jury. Teen Court helped me appreciate the importance of our community and my role as a contributor, rather than a user. Teen Court also helped me be thankful for the program because I was forgiven nor have a permanent record affect my future. This program helped my future, contributing to why I should remain a stronger and better person. All the teenage jurors were very inviting and understanding when I spoke, and that really helped the atmosphere all in all. Teen Court was a huge saving for my future and me. Most important, it also taught me forgiveness, to stand by my values, and that I should take advantage of the opportunities I have and have been given.


From Program Graduate - This was very helpful. It helped me change my life. This program should stay in business. It will better the Black community in a lot of ways and give us a second chance. Thanks for the second chance.


From Parent - I feel like this program was a great thing for my child.


From Parent: We have had a unique perspective with Teen Court. From one perspective, any event that would necessitate court is stressful enough. Teen Court allowed us, as parents, the knowledge that kids make mistakes, some more egregious than others, and that there is a channel for true redemption, opportunity, forgiveness and that their future remains in tact. Teen Court was also tough, which we also felt was necessary. Standing among your peers, the reputation consequence, is perhaps the most significant and beneficial consequence. Equally important, for the teens participating as the jury, they learn first hand that mistakes are made, and not always by "bad" people. The jurors get to see how fairness, compassion and some appropriate consequences can impact, change or save a young teen, The judgment that included both personal and community based tasks were beneficial also. Finally, the experience on both sides of the bench has been revealing, helpful, and beneficial for all in our family. We are, most of all, grateful.